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Hello my loves. I'm Rachel, and I am so excited to meet you! I have a mad passion for spending quality time with people and photographing genuine, authentic moments and memories in the making. I thrive off connecting with people. I love photographing true love. I love snapping the picture the second after you think I snapped it...when your guard is down and your true smile and laughter shine. I love photographing kids with messy faces, unapologetic silliness and allow them to shine as they truly are. I love capturing the true personality and intimacy of families in their real environments. My style is casual, comfortable, silly  and real. I want to bond with you and your loved ones, and then step back and watch you play, or read, or snuggle or cook. I want to photograph those moments in a beautiful, artistic way for you to treasure those memories forever.

I truly look forward to meeting you!